What Web Metrics are Important to Track

When people start learning about Web analytics, it generally goes like this:

  • They don’t know the difference between a hit and a pageview and don’t really care as long as they keep going up when they check their server log files.

Negative SEO

What is Negative SEO? 

Negative SEO is the reverse of search engine optimisation. The aim of search engine optimisation is to increase a site’s visibility in the SERPs.

With Negative SEO, the aim of the procedure is to reduce a page’s rankings in the search results.

About Cloud Hosting

The term “cloud hosting” has roots in term “cloud computing” or just “cloud”, which is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawing used in the past to represent the telephone network, and later to depict the Internet in computer network diagrams as an abstraction of the underlying infrastructure it represents.

Modded controllers for Xbox 360 and Sony PS3

Xbox 360 mods

Custom Xbox 360 game controllers have unbelievable technology that not only transcends the markets in the domestic sphere but also reaches customers worldwide.  The base of Xbox 360 custom controllers centers around the unbelievable speed and the astonishing amount of memory. Controller’s mod-chip has a memory of 64 KB which is 8 times more than all of those other guys. Controller’s chip can also be programmed to run 500 times faster than any other modded chip technology out there measuring at 16 MEGA hertz, exceptionally quicker than the standard 32 kilohertz of their competitors in custom mods business.

Overall this unique technology of creating modded game controllers for Xbox or Sony PS3 is rapidly changing the gaming world with their 16megahertz speed, 64 KB memory and 14 mods customizable selection. Make sure you don’t miss out on the modded controllers gaming technology of the century!

Google Places “Report a Problem”

The “report a problem” button that is found on a Google Places profile allows Google users to “close” businesses with the click of a button. While this feature does help remove closed businesses from the Google Places database, it is subject to manipulation and businesses are being incorrectly marked as closed each day.

Why Web Design Matters?

We’re cutting-edge web designers. We’ve designed stuff that’s won tons of design awards! Let’s take your boring site and totally reinvent it! Make it interactive! Your visitors will love it dude!

Erm…uh-huh. Maybe not.

It’s little wonder that SEOs often come into conflict with the web designers. Those designers who design-for-designs’-sake can cause serious problems when it comes to internet marketing strategy, and getting seen in search engines.

Should You Buy Exact Match Domain Names?

Aaron covered this question in an earlier post, Why Exact Match Domains Aren’t As Important As Many SEO’s Believe.

In summary, it depends.

Is There A Problem With Exact Match Domains?

So why would Matt imply exact match domain names might be a problem?

It is understandable that some in the SEO community – perhaps an SEO working on client sites, or those who don’t own any exact match domains and see others ranking above them – would have a vested interest in making a noise about the competition. If webmasters make enough noise about it, then Matt Cutts may feel a need to respond.

Why Use Exact Match Domain Names

Exact match domains names, as the name suggests, are domain names that match the search keyword term. i.e. Hotels.com, shoes.net, planetickets.org etc.

Is it a good idea to adopt this strategy for SEO? Ask ten different SEOs and you’ll likely get ten different answers.

Why exact domain matches rank so well?

According to Matt Cutts, speaking at a recent PubCon, Google will be looking at why exact domain matches rank so well. For example, if you have a site at ecommercemba.com it may rank a bit too well for the keyword phrase [ecommerce mba].


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